National HAI PPS Update – December 2018

Data collection for the national healthcare associated infection point prevalence survey (CHAINS) is complete.

We are now in the data analysis phase of the project. As agreed with each participating hospital, once the analysis has been completed, we will supply individual reports to each site on the outcomes of the study enabling de-identified hospital comparisons of the findings. We will also be disseminating findings through publications and conference presentations. Our aim is to commence reporting outcomes in the first half of 2019.

Over a 17 week period, our hardworking Research Assistants, Sophie Robinson and Stephanie Curtis collected PPS data from 19 hospitals, covering six States and one Territory. Sophie and Stephanie endured over twenty flights and 14 different rescheduling of travel plans! As is the case with study projects, both Stephanie and Sophie have now completed their roles. As lead investigator, it has been a pleasure to have had hard working and committed RAs, and on behalf of the CHAINS team, a huge thank you and we wish them all the best with their future work.

Once again our sincere gratitude to all the hard working and cooperative staff at each hospital. Without their persistence and cooperation we would not have been able to complete data collection on time.

Finally, a big thank you, farewell and good luck to Bridey Saultry our Project Manager. All those involved in CHAINS will know Bridey has worked tirelessly over the past 12 months. Bridey has also finished in her role with the CHAINS project, and is now preparing the exciting arrival of a new family member.

On behalf of the CHAINS team, enjoy the festive break, and we look forward to providing more updates in 2019!



Sophie (L) and Stephanie (R) with Sharyn Hughes completing data collection at the last CHAINS site, Royal North Shore NSW.

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