Nurse and Midwife Cleaning Study


A study is being planned to evaluate Australian Nurses and Midwives knowledge and practice around the role of the environment and infection prevention and control. The first step of this study is an online survey, and interviews. This will then inform the next steps of the project. If you are registered Nurse, Midwife or enrolled nurse working in Australia, we are seeking your input by completing a short survey, which will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

One in ten patients in Australian hospitals today have a healthcare associated infection [1]. Cleaning plays an important role in preventing infections and is cost-effective [2-3]. The ultimate goal of this project, is to find solutions to improving cleaning shared by patients.


Participant information Information Statement -Survey


Click here to access the survey, or copy and paste this link


Findings from the study will published here, when available.


The research team for this project are Professor Brett Mitchell, A/Professor Phil Russo and Martin Kiernan.



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